Leadership Excellence Certification

The Leadership Excellence Certification (LEC) confirms the GACVB’s commitment to provide tourism professionals the opportunity to excel in the destination marketing industry. The LEC program includes twenty-four hours of coursework in three areas of leadership focus: Supervising Excellence, Organizational Excellence, and Strategic Excellence. Upon completing all three tiers, evaluations, and a Personal Leadership Development Plan, the Leadership Excellence Certification designation will be awarded. 41 professionals have achieved the LEC Certification through GACVB as of April 2019. 

The sessions, which lead to certification, are open to all industry leaders – not just CVB professionals. Attending LEC sessions does not require you to pursue the LEC designation, but a record of your credits will be kept in the event you decide to pursue the designation at a later time. To receive LEC credit, keep in mind that attendance is required at both part 1 and part 2 of each session. Sessions are offered biannually at GACVB’s Winter Meeting and the annual Georgia Tourism Conference.  

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TIER 1 – Supervising Excellence

  • Foundations of Leadership
  • DISC Model of Communication
  • Supervising & Empowering
  • Priority Setting

TIER 2 – Organizational Excellence

  • Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness Using Myers-Briggs
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leading a High Performance Team
  • Leading Change

TIER 3 – Strategic Excellence

  • Get The Big Things Right – Strategic Thinking/Planning
  • Communicating the Vision/Purpose/Values
  • Developing the Leader Within
  • Creating a Culture of Engagement

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