The Front Door to Georgia’s Tourism Economy:  Georgia Convention and Visitors Bureaus

Tourism & Georgia’s CVBs

Visitors Bureaus play a significant role in the economic contribution that the tourism industry has on Georgia’s economy. Through successful destination marketing strategies, the many Convention and Visitors Bureaus in our unique towns, cities, counties and regions help generate visitor spending which supports thousands of businesses and jobs. All sectors of the Georgia economy benefit from tourism activity.

Tourism & Georgia’s Economy

Travel and tourism generated a record breaking $63.1 billion in business sales including direct, indirect and induced impact in 2017, up 3.8%, according to U.S. Travel Association and Tourism Economics.

Tourism & Jobs

Travel and tourism sustained an estimated 460,000 jobs directly or indirectly, making it the state's 5th largest employer.    

Tourism & Taxes

Travel and tourism generated more than $3.3 billion in state and local tax revenue in Georgia.

Each household in Georgia benefited with savings of over $800 annually in state and local taxes that are instead paid by tourists.

Source:  US Travel Association and Tourism Economics.  Includes direct, indirect and induced impact.  Total impact figure includes capital investment, government spending and construction.